ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Range

The extensive background in firing ranges design and build as well as our unique developments in Ultrasonic Detection Technology have allowed us to create a cutting-edge firearms training tool - ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Range. ARCADA® Firearms Training Systems are installed in indoor gun ranges as a substitute for traditional shooting range equipment. Besides virtual targetry, professional courseware ARCADA® provides a large variety of training courses: tactical, judgmental, shoot / don’t shoot and lets the range users easily construct their own shooting exercises and scenarios. Initially designed for the Russian Army, Police and Special Forces firearms training, ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Ranges are now effectively used by military, defense and security forces, law enforcement agencies, training academies, police departments, gun stores, commercial and private indoor shooting ranges worldwide.

Interactive Live Fire Shooting Range

ARCADA® How It Works

The image of the selected target or scenario is transmitted to the white ballistic rubber screen through the computer via the projector. The shooting screen 2x4m or 2.5x5m is made of high-resistance steel and is outfitted with ARCADA® patented Ultrasonic Shot Detection System. The shooting screen serves as a bullet trap.

The bullet passes through the ballistic projection screen, hits the shooting screen, ARCADA® Ultrasonic Shot Detection System tracks its coordinates in a fraction of a second with absolute accuracy and an appropriate reaction is displayed on the screen (e.g. bullet hole in the target, enemy falling down etc.). The system supports handguns, revolvers, submachine carbines, smooth-bore guns up to 12 caliber along with live fire ammunition rounds without any laser inserts.

Interactive Live Fire Shooting Range

ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Range Unique Advantages:

  • Innovative Ultrasonic Detection Technology. End User Certificate is not required.
  • Fast-acting shooting screen tracks up to 3000 shots per minute. No shot will be lost even closely grouped ones.
  • Ultimate reliability – no rough conditions in the firing range (high / low temperature, humidity etc.) may affect the performance of ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Range.
  • Durable Shot Detection System does not depend on firearms training intensity and endurance.
  • Significant saving on a bullet trap - ARCADA® shooting screen is designed to stop bullets, in conjunction with protective baffles it serves as a pistol-rated bullet trap.
  • Zero consumption of paper targets during the training.
  • Advanced live fire training with professional courseware ARCADA®: digital targetry, interactive branching video and 3D-scenarios, "Hogan’s Alley" tactical course, Shoot / No Shoot decision making course, Photo Converter.