ARCADA® Interactive Firearms Training System

ARCADA® Live Fire Interactive Shooting Systems are installed in indoor gun ranges as an innovative alternative to regular electromechanical target retrievers. ARCADA® software offers numerous tools including multi-functional digital targetry, realistic 3D and video scenarios, advanced apps to add custom targets and videos. ARCADA® Interactive Firearms Training System utilizes high-tech Ultrasonic Hit Detection Technology to provide accurate instant feedback while using regular handguns and rifles along with live ammunition without any laser inserts. Initially designed as military and law enforcement training equipment, ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Simulator is now an advanced solution for modern commercial and home indoor ranges.

Interactive Firearms Training System

ARCADA® How It Works

The image of the selected target or scenario is displayed on the white ballistic rubber curtain through the computer via the projector. The anti-splash self-healing curtain is hung in front of the AR500 steel shooting screen. A bullet passes through the rubber curtain, hits the steel screen and breaks up into fragments. ARCADA® built-in Ultrasonic Shot Detection System immediately determines the hit coordinates, and an appropriate reaction is displayed (e.g., bullet hole in the target, adversary falling down etc.).

Interactive Live Fire Shooting Simulator

ARCADA® Interactive Firearms Training System Key Features and Benefits:

  • Functionality. ARCADA® Interactive Live Fire Shooting Simulator combines the functions of a heavy-duty AR500 steel bullet trap and a high-tech digital target system, designed for the use of live ammunition without any laser inserts. 3D targetry allows to completely avoid the waste of paper targets, and to operate the firearms training system with minimum downtime.
  • Versatility. ARCADA® software simulates a 50-meter indoor gun range with the virtual 5-lane target retrieval system. It features a full range of motion including out and back moving, 180-degree turning, lifting, falling when hit. An extensive library contains diverse military, law enforcement, qualification, sports and hunting targets. The courseware also involves realistic 3D and video scenarios for training, hunting, clay and recreational shooting. Besides, there’s an option to add an unlimited number of user-created targets and videos through the advanced software apps.
  • Reliability. ARCADA® Ultrasonic Hit Detection System provides the accuracy within 1 pixel and tracks up to 3000 shots per minute. The real-time accurate location of miss and hits significantly speeds up and optimizes qualification, marksmanship and competition sessions. The superior endurance of the ultrasonic detection technology enables to operate the live fire shooting simulator in any harsh conditions of the indoor range (high / low temperature, humidity, dust etc.).
  • Durability. ARCADA® target screen is constructed from a solid ballistic AR500 steel plate and is built to safely receive all standard handgun and rifle rounds with the muzzle energy from 100 up to 5000J. The screen up to 2.5x5m in size withstands high-intensity firearms training with multiple shooters. The lack of any exposed electromechanical parts contributes to considerably long service life and low maintenance.