ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Training Systems

ARCADA® Airsoft and Live Fire Interactive Shooting Systems deliver a superior alternative to conventional target systems for indoor ranges. Weapons training is conducted on virtual targets and scenarios projected on a wide bulletproof interactive shooting screen constructed from AR500 steel for live rounds and duralumin alloy for airsoft BBs. Range users fire standard guns and ammunition without any laser inserts. ARCADA® Hit Detection System quickly and accurately detects bullets’ location utilizing efficient and reliable ultrasonic technology. The application of digital targetry enables to avoid paper targets waste and to create various 3D and video environments for modern-day comprehensible firearms and airsoft training.

Interactive Airsoft Shooting Training System

ARCADA® How It Works

The image of the selected target or scenario is transmitted to the interactive shooting screen through a computer via a projector. When a bullet hits the screen, ARCADA® built-in Ultrasonic Shot Detection System determines its coordinates, and an appropriate reaction is displayed (e.g., simulated bullet hole in the target, virtual adversary falling down etc.).

Interactive Live Fire Shooting Training System

ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Training Systems Practical Advantages:

  • Large target screens up to 2.5x5m with 5 lanes on a single system.
  • Fast hit detection of up to 3000 shots per minute with 1 pixel accuracy.
  • The support of a wide range of weapons and ammunition.
  • Engineered to safely stop bullets and eliminate ricochets.
  • Heavy-duty construction resistant to most extreme environments.
  • Unsurpassed durability for all-day continuous use.
  • Can be integrated into new and existing indoor ranges.
  • Suitable for both compact and large shooting facilities.
  • Compatible with shipping containers, trucks, trailers.
  • Versatile firearms and airsoft training with zero waste of paper targets.
  • Ease-of-use and low-maintenance.
  • Prompt online remote technical support.
  • 2-year warranty and proven 10+ years service life.