ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Training Systems

ARCADA® Airsoft and Live Fire Interactive Shooting Systems are advanced gun range equipment that can be used instead or in addition to target retrievers. In contrast to laser-based simulators, our technology is dedicated to conducting weapons training with airsoft BBs and live rounds. The use of digital targetry enables to avoid paper targets waste and to create various shooting environments. Initially designed for military, law enforcement, security professionals, ARCADA® Airsoft and Firearms Training Systems are now extensively used in home and commercial gun ranges.

Interactive Airsoft Shooting Training System

ARCADA® How It Works

The image of the selected target or scenario is transmitted to the shooting screen through the computer via the projector. When a bullet hits the screen, ARCADA® built-in Ultrasonic Shot Detection System determines its coordinates and an appropriate reaction is displayed (e.g. bullet hole in the target, adversary falling down etc.).

Interactive Live Fire Shooting Training System

ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Training Systems Key Features and Benefits:

  • Wide target screens up to 2.5x5m with 5 lanes on a single system.
  • Fast hit detection up to 3000 shots per minute.
  • Maximum reliability even under harsh conditions in a gun range.
  • Unsurpassed durability for intensive airsoft and firearms training.
  • No need for a bullet trap - shooting screens are designed to stop bullets.
  • Zero waste of paper targets.
  • Ease of use and low maintenance.
  • Considerably long service life 10+ years.