Interactive Shooting Ranges ARCADA®

Arcada Company designs and manufactures high-tech hardware and software for Interactive Shooting Systems ARCADA®. The extensive experience in gun range design, construction and equipment as well as the continuous research and development of cutting-edge Ultrasonic Detection Technology enable us to offer the most innovative firearms and dry fire training solutions. Arcada Company is the first in the industry to implement 3D Technology in shooting simulator courseware, bringing high realism and superior functional capabilities into the weapons training. Airsoft and Live Fire Interactive Shooting Ranges ARCADA® are effectively used in military, law enforcement, security, commercial and private sectors worldwide.

Founded in 2003, Arcada Company is a privately held Europe-based engineering company. We sell our products worldwide. Our gun range equipment has been supplied to the European Union, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, Middle East, Turkey, India, Australia, Japan. ARCADA® shooting simulators have been demonstrated at such international trade shows as Milipol Paris / Qatar, IWA Germany.

Interactive Shooting Ranges ARCADA® Key Features and Benefits:

  • Innovative physical method to determine the location of shots.
  • High-accuracy and high-speed Ultrasonic Hit Detection System.
  • Ultimate reliability under any tough conditions in a gun range.
  • Unsurpassed durability for high-intensity weapons training.
  • The total lack of consumables (paper targets or paper screens).
  • One of a kind Interactive Airsoft Shooting Range.
  • Live Fire Shooting Simulator with the integrated bullet trap.
  • 40ft ISO Container Gun Range without any outside modifications.
  • 3D shooting simulator software.
  • Functional digital targetry and hits / misses review.
  • Multiple training scenarios.
  • Photo Converter to create your own targets.
  • Superior performance and immediate tech support.