ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Shooting Range

ARCADA® Interactive Shooting Ranges were originally engineered for military and law enforcement firearms training as an advanced alternative to regular indoor target retrievers. The rapid growth of the airsoft industry inspired us to design a high-tech digital target screen for airsoft guns and ammo. ARCADA® shooting simulator enables to conduct safe and affordable training while avoiding the waste of paper targets. Besides military, law enforcement and security sectors, ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Target System is a popular solution for commercial and home gun ranges worldwide.

Digital Airsoft Target Screen

Military and Law Enforcement Non-Lethal Training Equipment

Military, law enforcement and security agencies use ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Shooting Simulator along with realistic replica guns as a safe and cost-effective complement to their firearms training arsenal. Easy-to-install in a classroom, the system provides comprehensive marksmanship, tactical and judgmental courses for beginners and experienced shooters.

Interactive Airsoft Shooting Simulator

Airsoft Players Training Tool

ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Shooting Simulator is an effective solution for airsoft players to improve weapon handling skills and to practice tactical training techniques. In addition to virtual static and moving targets, the system allows to immerse into extremely realistic 3D and video combat situations and even to create customizable military scenarios.

Interactive Airsoft Shooting Range

Advanced Gun Range for Airsoft Stores

ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Target System offers airsoft dealers an opportunity to show the products in action at low operating costs. The system requires minimal installation space, it is designed to stop BBs and eliminate ricochet. Innovative digital target screen comes with 3D courseware for non-stop shooting with zero waste of paper, cardboard or metal targets.

Interactive Airsoft Target System

Commercial Indoor and Mobile Airsoft Shooting Ranges

Commercial gun range equipped with ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Target System is a successful long-term investment that attracts and retains customers of all ages and shooting experience levels. Commercial ranges are operated at airsoft facilities, amusement parks, shopping malls, trade fairs. The system can be placed into a trailer, truck or shipping container and moved to mass gathering events to generate more revenue.

Interactive Airsoft Shooting Range

ARCADA® How It Works

The image of the selected target or scenario is transmitted to the duralumin shooting screen through the computer via the projector. When a BB hits the screen, ARCADA® built-in Ultrasonic Shot Detection System defines its coordinates in a fraction of a second with absolute accuracy and an appropriate reaction is displayed (e.g., bullet hole in the target, barrel explosion, enemy falling down).

ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Shooting Range Key Features and Benefits:

  • ARCADA® wide (1x2m or 1.2x2.4m) durable target screen withstands high-intensity sessions with up to 5 shooters. Recommended muzzle energy: 0.5-5J; BBs: 6mm 0.2g. Single-shot, semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes are supported. No replacements or maintenance required.
  • ARCADA® high-tech Ultrasonic Hit Detection System provides the accuracy within 1 pixel and tracks up to 3000 shots per minute. Its general reliability allows to operate the target system under any rough conditions (high / low temperature, humidity, dust etc.) both indoors and outdoors.
  • A versatile software ARCADA® perfectly combines multiple stationary and moving targets, 3D and video scenarios for marksmanship, tactical, decision-making training, hunting, clay and recreational shooting. Moreover, there’s an option to add an unlimited number of custom targets and videos through special software apps.
  • ARCADA® Interactive Airsoft Shooting Range works with a budget-friendly laptop and a video projector. The warranty period is 2 years. The proven service life is 10+ years.