Interactive Shooting Training System Software ARCADA®

Interactive Shooting Training System Software ARCADA® 10

Arcada Company is the first in the industry to implement 3D technology in shooting training systems software. This innovative solution brings high realism and superior functional capabilities into the firearms training process - a wide range of fully interactive 3D environments and life-like 3D-character models; easy to use, intuitive interface; real-time and after-action hits / misses monitoring, including shot placement, target impact, virtual combatants’ reactions.

Shooting training system courseware ARCADA® 10 provides a variety of training drills focused on improving and maintaining speed, accuracy, decision making and tactical shooting skills. In addition to virtual targetry with static and moving targets, ARCADA® 10 includes advanced interactive 3D and branching video scenarios important for judgmental training, “Hogan’s Alley” tactical course, shoot / don’t shoot decision making course, photo and video converters that offer the ability for the range users to create their own shooting exercises and scenarios. Trap-shooting course, hunter course, entertainment 3D scenarios with challenging competitions are available for the use in commercial and private shooting ranges.

Shooting Training System Software ARCADA® 10 - System Requirements
ARCADA® sensory shooting screen (1x2m, 1.2x2.4m, 2x4m, 2.5x5m)
HP ProBook 450 G3 notebook:
Intel Core i5 6200U processor 2300 MHz; RAM 4 Gb DDR3L 1600 MHz; 15.6-inch display; AMD Radeon R7 M340 graphics card, 2048 Mb GDDR3; DVD-RW; HDD 500 Gb; USB 2.0x2, USB 3.0x2, VGA (D-Sub), HDMI, LAN (RJ-45); Windows 10.
Projector Sony VPL-DX (or VPL-EX):
LCD 1024ő768, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 3200 lumens brightness ANSI.
Microlab Solo-1 speakers:
2ő30 W, 55-22500 Hz, MDF case.
Uninterruptable power supply APC:
600 VA.
Connection cables

Shooting Training System Software ARCADA® 10 – Statistics

ARCADA® 10 provides detailed statistics on each training session:

• number of hit / missed targets
• number of spent rounds
• scoring system
• timer / count down

The results may be displayed on the sensory shooting screen during the training session and when it is over (including individual results of each trainee or target). You can save the data in the database or display in a high score list.

Shooting Training System Software ARCADA® 10 – Hits / Misses Review

ARCADA® 10 allows trainees and instructors to view each shot and instant feedback (target impact, virtual combatants’ reactions etc.) in real-time mode during each training session. After-action review enables a detailed shot analyses, including the exact location of each hit and miss. Upon the completion of shooting exercises and scenarios, instructors can examine shots fired frame by frame to analyze the situation and correct the trainee’s errors. This feature is of particular importance in Use of Force training with video scenarios, 3D judgmental and tactical courses.

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