Interactive Shooting Systems ARCADA® - Entertainment add-on
"Wild West"

Small cowboy town lost in the plains is captured by the gang of desperados. You'll experience a duel with the gang leader and violent fire-fight. Impose order in the town.
(3 levels)


Do not disturb the gophers while chilling out on a picnic. Otherwise they will appeal to arms and levy the war. To rescue you'll have to shoot back tooth and nail. (3 levels)


Say "no" to alcohol. Pick off all the bottles in the bar. (Competition for 2-3 shooters)

"Turtle races"

Grand Prix among the turtles. Three entrants fully kitted are on the marks. But turtles do not like running, you'll have to remind them that these are still races.
(Competition for 2-3 shooters)

"Ducks' Outrage"

Beach is captured by wild ducks. Take the rifle and terminate this over the top. (3 levels)

"Night at boneyard"

The deads return. You're a right one being at boneyard! The only rescue is to enter a battle with the army of skeletons. (3 levels)

"Pantry rescue"

Mice band assaulted the pantry. Rodents smash without mercy food stock. Arm with a gun and kick away small grey vandals. (3 levels)


Balloons of different colors get off the ground and soar into the sky. Concentrate, don't let the balloons fly away. Childish but extremely absorbing amusement.


There are 10 locked doors in the castle. The Cat hides behind one of the doors. Shoot down the locks, open the doors and find the Cat. What's the intrigue? You have only 3, 5 or 7 shots. Your marksmanship will not be enough, need good luck. (3 levels)




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