Interactive Shooting Systems ARCADA® - Video & Photo converters

Video converter

allows using proper videos as scenarios for shooting:

Step 1.
Pick up of a video.
Step 2.
Export of the footage into the computer.
Step 3.
A new video implication into the software
ARCADA®10 via utility ARCADA Converter.
A new video is ready to be operated in the interactive shooting system.

Photo converter

- a unique new software product. Today any image - photos and pictures - can be used as targets in ARCADA® interactive multimedia shooting system:

Step 1.
Choose an image or take a photo that is supposed to be a target in interactive shooting system.
Step 2.
Export a photo or a picture into the computer where software ARCADA®10 and Photo converter are installed.
Step 3.
Run Photo converter and choose images for the targets, their proportions, type and name of a new exercise and press "Create".
Run ARCADA®10 software - new targets are ready to be operated in ARCADA® interactive multimedia shooting system.




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