Interactive Shooting Systems ARCADA® - 3D-scenarios

Level passing is realized by "camera" moving over a corresponding map (forest, city section, office building etc.) along a random route. Speed of movement and enemies’ behavior depend interactively on shooting quality and difficulty level.

Fighting in a forest. Fire fights with enemies take place on clearings, paths, by huts etc.

Fighting in a city section. A map with city and backyard buildings. Enemies fall on from round the corner and flee in the direction of proximate hide-outs (backyard, car, gateway etc.).

Fighting in an office building. "Camera" moves over rooms, corridors, halls and other premises captured by terrorists.

Futuristic combat. Industrial premises are guarded by fighting machines.

Dynamic sound :
• realistic sound effects and exclusive music score
• ambient sound variation depending on play or combat situation.

Dynamic difficulty level :
• real-time mode of changes in the number of enemies, their aggressiveness, tactics, and weapons depending on trainee’s shooting skills.

State-of-the-art 3D-modelling :
• implementation of Motion Capture technology (real anatomic kinetics including digitized sleights of SWAT fighters)
• model’s falling down implementation based on ragdoll (real physics of falling down based on forward kinematics)
• diversity of enemies’ types: body builds, genders, individual behavior models.




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